Poor but happy!

24th October 2013


Rural folk are poor … but happy

A survey by the ONS has suggested that people living in rural areas might be poorer, but they are happier than those living in towns and cities. A director at the ONS said a greater sense of community was enjoyed in the country, while people had greater access to open spaces. The ONS found that the most unhappy places in Britain were predominantly in urban areas. The misery list was topped by Harlow and Brentwood, both in Essex, with Liverpool, Islington in North London, Hyndburn in Lancashire, and Corby high on the chart. The happiest people live in predominantly rural regions, with the list topped by Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland, and the Orkney Islands, in Scotland, along with the district of Moyle, also in Northern Ireland. The most cheerful town in England was Hart in Hampshire, while the regions of East Devon and West Somerset were also content.

So there you have it!