A303/A30 meeting with Neil Parish MP June 21, 2013

Letter from Neil Parish MP and Prime Minister, David Cameron, Jan 15, 2014 concerning the A303/A30

Following on from the June 2013 public meeting on the A303/A30, Neil Parish has written to Upottery Parish Council confirming that work on a feasibility study for the A30/A303/A358 is expected to start January 2014. This comes after Neil Parish met with Transport Minister Robert Goodwill MP in early December. Also attached is letter from Prime Minister David Cameron MP following representations he had made to the Prime Minister on the A30/A303 issue.

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February 17, 2014 - Whitehall officials suggest that A30/A303 improvements could be fast tracked following disruption to communications with the South West caused by February storms.

See: http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/Flooding-crisis-A303-upgrade-fast-tracked/story-20639647-detail/story.html

21 June 2013 –Meeting with Neil Parish, MP to discuss concerns regarding the A303/A30

Following on from the earlier village meeting on 8 February 2013 Neil arranged a meeting between highways, the police and interested members of Upottery parish, and adjoining parishes (39 people).

The concerns regarding the safety of the A303/A30 were discussed as was the long term goal of it being dualled.

Highways spoke about how the road was well marked, signed and surfaced. It was acknowledged that the accident rate was higher than highways would like to see for this stretch of road. The A303/A30 is the second route into the South West and because of this fact weight restrictions will not be implemented.

The police advised that only accidents where someone is injured or there is a fatal collision are recorded. Damage only accidents are not recorded. When an accident occurs the police implement the diversion routes as provided from highways. Once signs are in place the diversion routes are not manned.

Concerns regarding the width of the road in Monkton which is only 18ft in places were raised. The village has a speed limit of 40 MPH but it was felt that improved signage was required to indicate that lorries could be in the middle of the road.

ACTION: Ian Parsons will look at the signage and road markings in Monkton to see if improvements can be made.

ACTION: Ian Parsons agreed to visit Monkton to discuss the specific concerns of the parish.

Junctions that join and leave the A303/A30 were discussed. Junctions are well signed but making improvements is expensive. The suggestion was put forward was that some less used junctions could be closed, allowing for improvements to be made to other junctions.

ACTION: Ian Parsons will review the area around the Rawridge junction to see if improvements can be made to improve visibility.

It was felt that speed enforcement could help reduce the volume of accidents. The sign by Courtmoor Farm flashes regularly throughout the day but police checks are not carried out due to the need for adequate space to meet health and safety requirements.

ACTION: Ian Parsons to review whether the flashing sign is the best deterrent by Courtmoor Farm and whether a speed camera would be more of a deterrent.

The junction at Stopgate was discussed. Various suggestions were put forward including the idea of a roundabout.

It was acknowledged that both the highways and police are restricted by budget constraints.

ACTION: Ian Parsons to visit Yarcombe parish to discuss concerns with the part of the A303/A30 coming through their parish.

Dualling was discussed and it was confirmed that no proposed route is currently in place as the 1997 proposal has been removed. Some members of the meeting supported dualling and some were against it. Schemes to dual the A303/A30 are currently being investigated.

Everyone was thanked for giving up their time to attend the meeting.

Kerry Kennell

Upottery Parish Clerk

Whitehall farce?

In December 2013, the Western Morning News published an excellent editorial on the governments multiple reviews of the A303/A30 under the heading: "It's time to end this Whiethall farce on dualling of the A303"

It makes very intersting background reading at http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/ISSUE-8217-s-time-end-Whitehall-farce-dualling/story-20336764-detail/story.html