Telephone exchange locations

The website Sam Knows allows you to enter your postcode or telephone number to find details of the telephone exchange that serves you, including a map of the location. Many parishes are served by a number of telephone exchanges since exchange areas are different from parish areas.

In Upottery parish for instance, people are served by three exchanges:

The Churchstanton exchange which serves people in the north west of the parish around Smeatharpe, who have an 01823 number. This exchange is in Somerset, not Devon.

The Upottery exchange which serves the village of Upottery and most of the surrounding area, who have a 01404 number

The Luppitt exchange which serves most of Rawridge who have 01404 numbers. The exchange is however in Dunkeswell.

Location of the Churchstanton exchangeThis exchange is in a white no fibre zone on the CDS 2017 Final Coverage Map, but serves the growing village of Churchinford, which is in a blue (Fibre funded by CDS public funds) zone. The villages of Churchstanton and Stapley which are nearer to the exchange than Churchinford will not however get access to FTTC fast broadband.

Location of the Upottery Telephone Exchange

The Upottery telephone exchange was moved to a new site off of Stockland Hill in 2003 in anticipation of the A30/A303 being dueled. It is believed this new building also serves Stockland and may also serve Monkton. If you compare this map with the 2017 Final Coverage Map from BT, you will find that the Upottery telephone exchange is in the middle of a white no fibre zone which covers the whole of the parish of Upottery, suggesting that no FTTC green cabinets will be supported on this exchange. Since fibre FTTC cabinets can be located far from an exchange it makes one wonder if BT plan to scrap this exchange all together and eventually put a couple of cabinets in Upottery parish fed via fibre from the Honiton or Chard exchanges. Using CDS public finances to reduce BT's property portfolio would be a major misuse of public funds.

Location of the Luppitt Telephone Exchange

Although it is called the Luppitt exchange this exchange is in Dunkeswell which it will provide with FTTC fast broadband. The village of Luppitt and large parts of Upottery parish which it serves including a large part of Rawridge, will however not get access to FTTC fast broadband from this exchange.