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This is the website for all things to do with the parish of Upottery in the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Devon and comprising the villages of Upottery, Smeatharpe and Rawridge.

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Upottery is a "Gigabit Parish" with ultrafast (up to 1,000Mbps) fibre optic broadband available in  all three parish villages. 

Click here for a 360 degree view of Upottery village filmed at a height of 300 feet.

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Upottery parish people at the Big Lunch picnic June 5th, 2022 to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee.

(Can you spot our royal visitor?)


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Ring and Ride service.

Do you have problems getting in to Honiton and Taunton now that bus services are so poor?

If so, contact TRIP the community run "Ring and Ride" service which covers Upottery, Rawridge and Smeatharpe. Click here for details of regular minibus services to Honiton, Taunton and Exeter direct from your door.

TRIP website

Click on the TRIP logo for the TRIP website.

TRIP have published a new 2019 schedule of Passenger Club Weekend Trips, Monday Shopping Trips, Thursday Trips Out and  Gordon's Friday Afternoon Trips. Click on http://www.tripcta.org/documents/ringrideschedule-honiton.pdf  for details and  call 01404 46529  to make a booking. 

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Click here for the Upottery weather forecast from the BBC


Check out the Upottery Parish Carbon Footprint.

In 2020, a group of parishes, including Upottery helped the University of Exeter and the Centre for Sustainable Energy in Bristol to test a carbon footprint calculator they have developed for communities to understand their carbon footprint. Importantly, this calculator, called IMPACT calculates not only the carbon we all create from activities within the parish, it also calculates the carbon created by things that we bring into the parish, be that food from Africa or TV sets from Taiwan and presents the information in simple graphic charts. IMPACT also calculates carbon footprints for other local authority areas, so as well as our parish and every other parish in the UK, you can also view the carbon footprint for East Devon and Devon County.  The website provides full instructions on how to use  it and all the data used to calculate the footprint graphics is available in spreadsheet form under the "Using Impact" tab. There is also an "Act!" tab which suggests what we can all do to reduce our carbon footpront. Please have a look and get to know how all of us contribute to global warming. Simply click the link impact-tool.org.uk/ 

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