CDS Map of fibre deployment to October 2014

This is an enlarged copy of the fibre broadband deployment map from the CDS website showing fibre deployment in the Upottery area up to October 2014. No information beyond October has so far been published by CDS


Green: Areas currently fibre enabled

Blue: Areas that will be fibre enabled in July 2014

Red: Areas that will be fibre enabled by October 2014

White: No published date for when, if at all, these areas will be fibre enabled

The original map covering the whole of Devon and Somerset is available at:

In case you are wondering why Wellington and Honiton are shown as white on this map when fibre broadband is already available there, it is because Wellington, Honiton and most other towns and cities have high enough population densities to allow BT Wholesale to make sufficient profit from selling broadband bandwidth to ISP's in urban areas that these towns and cities do not qualify for the BDUK/CDS public subsidy. CDS in their wisdom choose to not show these commercially deployed urban areas on this map. The information is available on the CDS Final Coverage Map