If you think you have found a problem on the site, or if you need some help please send an email to giving us some details. It would be helpful if you could include a telephone number so our Technical Support can talk to you directly to see if we can resolve the problem

Here are some issues that we know about and what we are doing to resolve them


Club/Societies pages are blank when viewed on an iPad or Android Tablet

A number of people have reported that the Club/Society pages are blank when viewed using an iPad or Android tablet although no one has problems viewing these pages on a PC. The Club/Society pages use a service called "Google Documents" to enable club/society secretaries to update the pages directly. The problem has been notified to Google and we are waiting for a fix and would ask you to view these pages on a PC in the meantime. If you have a problem viewing any of the pages on this website. please send an email to with full details of the issue.


When I try to look at a Club page I get an error message saying that there is a Google Docs Error

This is a known problem when using Internet Explorer - it doesn't appear to be an issue with any of the other browsers such as Firefox, Opera, Chrome or Safari

It is difficult to know where the 'blame' lies but we anticipate it will be resolved in the next releases of Google docs (which is the mechanism we are using to get the webpage to the site) and Internet Explorer

In the meantime the problem can be resolved by simply clicking the 'x' in the top right-hand corner of the error message box which will close the error message and display the page as it is intended to be seen.