Parish Council

Parish Council meetings are usually held on the second Monday of each month in The Manor Rooms, Upottery, at 8pm . Notice and Agenda of meeting is placed on notice boards at Upottery, Rawridge and Smeatharpe one week before meetings. To ensure smooth running, all correspondence for inclusion should reach the clerk Mrs. Kerry Kennell, Courtmoor Farm, Upottery, Honiton, EX14 9QA, email , seven days before the date of the meeting. Any representation on agenda items can be made in person during the Pubic Participation section at each monthly Parish Council meeting.
Please note that full versions of meeting minutes (and necessarily abbreviated reports in the Parish Pump) may be accessed through the Parish Clerk, Telephone 01404 861129. This may be particularly relevant for those interested in the minutes of the annual Parish meeting, which will not be published until the next year's meeting.

Planning applications are included in Agenda if they are to be discussed. If planning applications arrive before the meeting and need to be discussed, details of the applications are placed on notice boards for at least four days before the Council’s decision is notified to EDDC.

The Parish Council has overall control of footpaths in the parish but have appointed a Footpath Warden who runs things on a day to day basis.

 Elected Councillor



 Telephone / Email


     Mr Tim Kellow    

1 Hillside, Rawridge, EX14 9PU 

01404 861104 

 Parish Councillor  

Mr Philip Joyce   

5 Millrise, Luppitt, EX14 4UA 

 01404 891328

District Councillor 

Parish Councillor

 Mr David Key    

 Treetops, Upottery, EX14 9PQ

01404 861287

 Parish Councillor

 Mr Edwin Bartlett    

 Langbridge Farm, Upottery, EX14 9NX

01404 861434 

 Vice Chairman

 Mr Graham Long

 School House, Smeatharpe, EX14 9RF

 01823 601382 / 07711 267697

 Parish Councillor

 Mr Phillip Arscott

Sweetlands Farm, Upottery, EX14 9PB

01823 601674

 Parish Councillor

 Mr Brian Spiller

 8 Hillside, Rawridge, EX14 9PU

01404 861330 

Parish Councillor

Mr Tim Wigram
12 Ottervale Close, Rawridge, EX14 9TA

 Parish Clerk

 Mrs Kerry Kennell

Courtmoor Farm, Upottery, EX14 9QA 

01404 861129

Devon County Councillor is Mr Iain Chubb. For profile and contact details see
Footpath Warden, is Mr David Seamark Tel: 01404 861601
Tree Warden is Mr Tristan Pike Tel: 07902 938388