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Sent: 01 August 2013 06:48
To: Cathy Gibson; David Atkins H; Denise Main PLY; John Brabrook COMPM;
Keith Granger BRO PC; Kerry Kennell UPO; Lyn Hargood HONTC; Moira Wood SHE;
Nikki Long; Penny Wilkinson PAY PC; S Maynard AWLPC; Sue Middleton; Tracey
Cc: John Vanderwolfe; Nick Yool MEMPC; Sara Waplington YARPC; Shelagh
Barnard ALLPC
Subject: Emailing: RSN Fair Share Petition

Dear All

For a long time we have been fighting to get a fair share of central taxes
and through the DCN (District Councils Network) we have been pointing out
how unfair the urban/rural split is. In this last Spending Review, we were
promised a fair share but the Treasury then reneged and used the "Damping"
effect to ensure the promised adjustments were not only negated, but for
some of us, made it worse.

Please get as many people to sign and return to The Rural Fair Shares
Campaign as per the letter.

Thank you on behalf of all of us


Paul Diviani, 
East Devon District Council - Leader
Yarty Ward Member with the parishes of All Saints, Chardstock, Membury &
Yarcombe Exeter & East Devon New Growth Point Board - Chairman Blackdown
Hills AONB - Chairman "Making it Local" RDPE Local Action Group - Chairman
DR - Director LGA Rural Commission - Vice Chairman - Conservative Group