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This is the website for all things to do with the parish of Upottery in the Blackdown Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Devon and comprising the villages of Upottery, Smeatharpe and Rawridge.

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A Neighbourhood Plan for Upottery Parish is being created with the support of Upottery Parish Council and in conjunction with 9 other parishes in the Blackdown Hills. 

During August 2014 a questionnaire was delivered  to all properties in the parish to understand what is most important to local people and what the Neighbourhood Plan should focus upon.

Thank you to everyone who attended the second consultation event in Upottery Manor Rooms, February 6,7 & 8. All comments will be carefully considered by the Neighbourhood Plan Team and you will be hearing about the plan  shortly.

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June 26, 2015: Connecting Devon and Somerset have failed to agree a contract with BT for the Phase 2, rural superfast broadband programme. This is the worst possible outcome for Devon & Somerset taxpayers and is likely to mean broadband speeds will not improve until 2020.

Devon & Somerset are now THE ONLY COUNTIES IN THE UK not to have a Phase 2 programme in place designed to provide a minimum 95% superfast coverage. Connecting Devon & Somerset say they will have a third attempt at finding a supplier(s) which will take a minimum of 6 months, but more likely a year to put in place. Do you think CDS should be allowed a third attempt?

See BBC News

As of July 2015, all of Upottery parish with the exception of the north of the parish around Lambpark Farm, served by the Churchstanton (01823) exchange, remain "out of programme" for Phase 1, the current programme which runs through to 2017. The following maps are taken from the CDS website: http://www.connectingdevonandsomerset.co.uk/where-when/

 Upottery, Smeatharpe and Rawridge are all "OUT OF PROGRAMME" (the grey area on the map) 
Blue = "under evaluation". Orange = "coming soon".

The map below shows the Upottery parish boundary overlaid on the CDS map.

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Use the BT Wholsale Speed Tester to test your broadband speed.
Use the BT ADSL Checker to see what download speeds your line is capable of delivering.
Use the Rightmove Speed Meter to see what Rightmove advertise to propsective home buyers as the broadband speed available at your postcode. 

The Countryside Alliance, in collaboration with a Software House in Bath & Queen Mary College, University of London, are offering free software that continuously monitors the performance of your broadband service and allows you compare your service to national benchmarks. The software, which runs in the background, does not record email or web use and will not degrade the performance of your computer. NB It works on PC or Mac desktop or laptop computers but does not yet work with tablets or smartphones.

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The Parish of Upottery

(pronounced "Up-Ottery") in

The County of Devon

and comprising the villages of Upottery, Smeatharpe and Rawridge

 Nestling at the centre of the 

Blackdown Hills AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty)

and at the head of the River Otter which flows to the sea at the western end of Lyme Bay 


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