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A Neighbourhood Plan for Upottery Parish is being created with the support of Upottery Parish Council and in conjunction with 9 other parishes in the Blackdown Hills. 

During August 2014 a questionnaire was delivered  to all properties in the parish to understand what is most important to local people and what the Neighbourhood Plan should focus upon.

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The offical message from DCC Cllr Andrew Leadbetter at the August 11 broadband update could be summarised as "Upottery Parish is out of the CDS broadband programme...Deal with it!". 
Neil Parish MP was at the meeting, but CDS, our Devon County County Councillor and our EDDC Councillor did not attend. Broadband speeds across the parish are unlikely to improve before 2020 or later.

A meeting between East Devon District Council members and Keri Denton of CDS took place July 15th. 
A report of that meeting from EDDC Cllr Phil Twiss, is available at: 

Large areas of the Blackdown Hills including Upottery, Smeatharpe and Rawridge currently look destined to miss out out on the government funded superfast fibre broadband project. 

For the latest news on fast broadband in rural Devon & Somerset, please see our Facebook page:
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A map posted on the Connecting Devon & Somerset website September 20th, 2013, showing who will get faster broadband in 2017 after £53M of public money has been spent to bring faster broadband to rural areas of Devon and Somerset, shows that Upottery parish and large areas of the Blackdown Hills will receive no benefit from the programme.

On February 25th 2014, an additional £22.75M was announced by DCMS for rural broadband in Devon & Somerset. CD&S have submitted an "Expression of Interest" in taking up this additional public funding but no details have yet been published on the CDS website despite other counties (e.g. Northamptonshire) publishing lots of details of how these funds will be spent. What CDS have published is that they are spending another £1M of County Council revenue budgets on unwanted "Demand Generation Seminars" to do BT's marketing job for them. See Western Morning News. As of July 1, 2014, CDS say they did submit details of match funding by the June 30 deadline although many District Councils have yet to approve their contributions. September 30 is now the deadline for having the funding in place and is becoming clear that they have not managed to raise all the match funding.

The first Sunday edition edition of the Western Morning News, June 22, 2014 suggests that if CDS cannot match the £22.75M extension allocation, there may be a Spectacular pile-up on the South West's information superhighway 

An Open letter to Council's, MP's and press has been drafted for anyone to send, requesting this additional public funding to be spent more efficiently, without secrecy and focused on areas of poor or no broadband service today

A Public Meeting on the issue, was chaired by Neil Parish MP on Friday February 7, 2014. 
Keri Denton, Head of CDS and Cllr Andrew Leadbetter, DCC portfolio holder for CDS attended together with Laurent Boon, BT Project Manager for Connecting Devon & Somerset.

Sign the on-line petition to get fast fibre broadband in ALL Devon & Somerset villages. (Over 1,000 people have already signed.) 

For more details see:
 - Faster broadband final coverage map 2017 for information on what Connecting Devon & Somerset are doing.
 - Why can't we know what's planned? for information on the Non Disclosure Agreement that prevents Councils from speaking about the programme.
 - What's happening elsewhere For information about other broadband projects funded by public money.
 - John Hart (DCC) answers questions on CDS broadband for a report of a BHPN meeting November 13. 
 - The EDDC/SSDC Broadband Scrutiny Panel  or "TaFF", met  in public on January 16, 2014 in Honiton. Follow this link for a summary of the meeting.
 - See Margaret Hodge MP talking about rural broadband on YouTube (Definitely worth watching!)

Margaret Hodge MP, Chairman on the influential House of Commons all party Public Accounts Committee has expressed support for Upottery Parish Council's faster broadband campaign with the words: "The lack of transparency over BT’s contracts to provide rural broadband is bad for local communities and it is bad for the taxpayer. It is not acceptable that people are denied information about whether or not they are going to receive superfast broadband and it means alternative providers who could fill the gap cannot get a look in. During the course of the Public Accounts Committee’s inquiry into rural broadband I have noted the vital role that parish councils have been playing in fighting to ensure their communities are not left behind. I really hope your efforts in Devon and Somerset pay off and am happy to lend my support to your campaign."
-Margaret Hodge MP, Chair of the Public Accounts Committee"

Office of the Rt Hon Margaret Hodge M.P. 
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA

A Freedom of Information request to Somerset County Council has returned a redacted copy of the CDS/BT contract which can now be viewed and downloaded (236 pages) from the Issuu Document Server. It confirms that CDS & BT agreed that the 11 phase Implementation Plan and Project Plan are to be treated as "Commercial In Confidence" and that DCC, SCC and the 6 unitary councils who are beneficiaries of the contract are barred from discussing Commercial In Confidence information with other councils. All items redacted under Section 43 of the FOI Act are Commercial In Confidence.

BT & CDS make great play of how difficult it is to lay broadband fibre cable in rural areas of Devon and Somerset and (unbelieveably) they cite granite in the ground as being a problem!. Watch this YouTube video of how France are steaming ahead putting fibre cable and "green boxes" on telephone poles.....French fibre on poles.......BT are doing the minimum for their customer whilst maximising profits and CD&S are going along with this. (BT have used fibre on poles in Cornwall, but only to provide FTTP - not for FTTC: See BT Press Release )

See the Western Morning News leader on the CD&S/BT gagging order, plus Western Morning News editorial piece on the gagging order, pointing out that Upottery Parish Council are making a reasonable request for information on FTTC broadband roll out and commending Mark Williams, CEO of EDDC for refusing to sign the gagging order in the interests of transparency when spending public money

CFBS Ltd, based in Crewkerne are soon to offer an alternative to broadband via your telephone line, in Churchinford, Upottery and surrounding areas. Their service operates via fixed wireless links based on line of sight connections to one of the masts they are installing in the area. They guarantee 10Mbps download speed at prices similar to what ISP's charge in this area for much slower speeds using the BT network. More information about the CFB Solutions service is available at Fixed Wireless Broadband

Join the broadband Facebook Group which has been set up to allow all to comment on broadband issues in rural Devon & Somerset at: www.facebook.com/groups/fast.rural.broadband/ 

You can also access a Facebook Page where the latest updates on rural broadband are posted at: www.facebook.com/fast.rural.broadband
Use the BT Wholsale Speed Tester to test your broadband speed.
Use the BT ADSL Checker to see what download speeds your line is capable of delivering
If your speed on the BT Wholesale speed checker is in the low range of what your line is capable of delivering, you may wish to contact your ISP and get them to "reset your line" and/or "reset your BT profile" to see if your download speed increase. If it does, it may fall back again over a period of days or weeks. Your ISP is allowed by BT to reset your line/profile once every 10 days and you may have to wait 10 days before it can be done again. BT have control of this because all local exchanges (Upottery, Churchstanton, Luppitt etc) are "Market 1" exchanges where all the equipment in the exchange is owned by BT Wholesale and ALL ISP's (including BT Retail) have to buy bandwidth through the exchange from BT Wholesale. Once your BT profile has been reset, get your ISP to reset their profile (The ISP Profile) for your line as well, because it is possible that your ISP could be holding your speed down on their server. Finally ask your ISP to tell you what the "Fault Threshold" is for your line. This the speed below which BT will investigate a fault on your line, passed to them by your ISP and is determined by the historic stable line speed that your line is able to maintain.
For more details on how ADSL works, see http://www.kitz.co.uk/adsl/maxdsl2.htm
www.upottery.com  would also like to map current broadband speeds that people in the parish currently get
 using the Broadband Checker website. Please also test your speed using this website, enter your postcode and afterwards click the box to share your results so they are displayed on the Broadband Checker website.

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The Parish of Upottery

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